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The  VEGETAGOLD  that makes cooking   Easy, Tasty and Healthy

TVP that imitates the texture of meat and ISP are good protein source for vegetarians and for people who want to reduce meat.

Roasted Soyato Soyato Fillets


A highly nutritious, tasty and healthy premium vegetarian delicacy now in India



Protein Rich

No Transfat

Receipe yummy and mouth watering,

Yummy recipes to cook with vegetagold from our experts ...

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Making of Vegetagold

Manufactured in a highly hygenic manufacturing unit with International & FSSAI food processing standards

Manufacturing Unit-ISpacious & Environment friendly

Water Purification PlantPurified water used for manufacturing

Food ProcessingBlending of TVP, ISP and Seasoning

Packaging UnitQC & Hygienically Packed

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